• ✴E-Book / Kittys Magic 8: Bobby the Show-Off Cat

Cat lovers can't miss this purr-fectly enchanting, sparkly chapter book series about Kitty, the girl who magically turns into a cat!

Kitty has always thought she was allergic to cats, but during a midnight sneezing fit at a sleepover, she learns that the truth is far more magical--Kitty is able to turn into a cat! She eagerly takes her place as the Guardian of the local cats' Cat Council, using her human knowledge to help them solve their feline problems.

Kitty and the local cats decide to have a friendly competition--racing, tree climbing, fence jumping, and more. But the cats don't want to invite Bobby, a new cat in town known for showing off and bragging. That doesn't seem right to Kitty though, and when she gets to know Bobby, she realizes Bobby is hiding that fact that he is a stray. Will Kitty be able to find him a home before the competition?

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Bobby the Show-Off Cat eBook 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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✴E-Book / Kittys Magic 8: Bobby the Show-Off Cat

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